i know, it was a howler

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i see what you did there

i deny all response-apebility

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Were you the one that posted all the monkey jokes a couple months ago?

yes, that was me

i kind of went bananas with them

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Chris Gorham is such a good actor. But Walsh was a big No lol

Chris Gorham is sweet and adorable and funny and ships CS like it’s his job, so I love him. But yes, monkey boy needed a swift boot in the furry backside out the door.

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things i do not miss:


things i do miss:

walsh monkey jokes

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things to immediately make a slow night alone at work one billion times better: the guy who looks EXACTLY LIKE a slightly younger Colin (he has brown eyes, that’s the only difference) looking over at you and smiling guffbfjdfjfbfbf

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i would still sell my soul for there to be the actual scene of david telling emma about liam okay

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will your book be published in print format? i read the description and i'd definitely love to buy it and read it but I don't have a kindle

Right now it’s only in digital (though if it does well there could be a print run!) but you don’t have to have a Kindle to read it. You can buy it in regular ebook format here, or as a pdf, or pretty much any format you like. :)

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