If your evil CS fics were to be published in one book, what title would you give it? I was thinking "Hold on to Your Butts" might be a good one.

"Who Let These Damn Onion Chopping Ninjas In Here: The Compendium"

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probably etsy, it’s where he finds all the CS stuff he gives me

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I feel like… you moisturize your skin with the tears of the readers of your fics lol

actually i drink them with a nice chianti

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lol. Doesn’t take too long to get there. They’re kind of an … on every possible surface kind of couple

dude i have read the books many times, i know :P

i’m just saying nonnie might not want to if all they want is a quick smut fix

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lol, just read the book :P

well sometimes you don’t want to wade through an 800+ page book

sometimes you just want the smut

ya know

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(aaand my friend who gives me ALL THE CAPTAIN SWAN STUFF strikes again)

(god bless his fanboy heart)

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thank you all my dears

i’m sorry

very sorry

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I started reading lightbearers three days ago and I finished all 14 chapters. I have been looking for a new CS fic to follow since the last fic I liked just wrapped and yours is just brilliant. Love it to bits, absolutely amazing and I can't wait for the next update. Never seen OUAT in wonderland so don't know much about the Will Scarlet character, but if he is anything like the one in your story .... I am sure I am gonna love him on OUAT too.

oh god

you are going to love Will

(and yes he is exactly like that on the show)

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Do you know any good outlander jaimiexClaire smut out there? :)

There isn’t much that I know of. Allie (lovingcaptainswan) has written a few, and I wrote a fairly longish one here. But yeah, fanfic isn’t a big thing in the Outlander fandom (and DG hates it) so pickings are slim. :/

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as a fellow knave lover, i thought you might be amused by a dream i had last night, in which Will's first appearance in Storybrooke was strutting down the road with headphones blasting "hooked on a feeling" xD

as a devout scarlet hook shipper i cANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS PLEASES ME


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