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zengoalie replied to your post: anonymous asked:”We know from ABC…

I saw it too, but also saw “Bluebeard” instead of Blackbeard…so not so trusting of the abc intern posting those recaps.

let’s be honest, CS being TL will, um, not exactly be the shock of the century (maybe to some people, but really, how dense do you need to be, wait don’t answer that)

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1) Your FAQ is glorious. 2) Going off one of your last asks about how OQ is hard for them because Marion was Robin's TL: I feel like Tink said something about people having more than one TL? But more than that, I've sort of decided that TL/ soulmates are as much a choice as they are a destiny. Clearly there is a possibility for love to exist between the two of them, and if they open up to it, it will become the capital T capital L True Love as opposed to just regular love. But there is always-

a chance that things will not work out: your love will die, or you will never meet. So you have a couple of different possible TLs. If this is something that the show is trying to do, it would be, at least to me, a way more profound statement than “OQ are soul mates, and the loves they had before weren’t True Loves, they were just truely loved.” I don’t think they will invalidate the love between Regina and Daniel or Robin and Marion. I don’t know if this was was articulated all that well

See, that’s where I’ve always been. TL is not something destined for you and that an exterior force determines for you (as I’ve written many times, if it was, then TLK would work on memory loss because that external power said so, totally outside of the memory-less party’s choice, which is disempowering). Nobody chooses who your TL is before you’re born or anything like that. Pixie dust can show you the possibility of someone with whom you could have it (like with Regina/Robin/Tink in 3x03) but it can’t create that love or force it to happen in any way. Theoretically, TL is possible within any relationship, if you make the right choices and sacrifices and have deep enough feelings for each other, and in that framework yes, you can have another if your first one is lost; OUAT is all about hope and love and happy endings, so of course they’ll leave open the possibility that your first love is not your only love and it’s always possible to love again. Of CS, OQ, Rumbelle, and Snowing, the four major ships on the show, only Snow, Charming, and Belle have not been shown to have other love interests; everyone else has had at least one other lover before meeting the person with whom they have magical curse-breaking TL (assumed in OQ’s case because they’re not there yet).

Yet while allowing that this is the case, I don’t want to swing too far to the other side of the pendulum and claim that every relationship we’ve seen on OUAT was capital-letter True Love, in the interests of “fairness.” The fact is, in real life, you have some relationships that mean more to you than others, that change you more than others, people that you love more than others, etc. Plus, it defeats its own storytelling conventions about how this magical kind of love is rare, not something everyone gets to experience, and cannot be easily replaced once lost. It cheapens the story if you know that everyone gets to go from True Love to True Love; you have to root for them NOT to lose the one they’re with, both because the writers have built you up to be invested in that storyline and because you lose tension if, say, Rumple can lose Belle but don’t worry, he can just go find someone else. You can have any number of people you truly love before meeting your TL, but once you meet them, they’re IT. TL on OUAT is part of the fairytale magical universe and therefore not subject to real-world conventions about relationships. This does not invalidate or make less any of the relationships that characters have before they meet their endgame and the person they’ll be with for the rest of the show, but it does mean that it’s a different kind of framework.

So yeah, I can see it both ways. I understand and think it’s a canonically supportable interpretation that you can move on and you can love many people truly and maybe even have multiple TLs but not at the same time, but I still want to leave space for the fact that quite honestly, by the rules of OUAT, some relationships and some combinations of characters mean more to us than others and have a greater power because of it.

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"We know from ABC’s slipup on the 3x17 recap that yes, Emma is indeed Killian’s true love" I missed this! Could you link me to it? xx

On the recap on ABC’s official site, it mentioned Zelena asking Hook to swear “on the name of his true love” and Hook then doing so. I think they removed it after everyone cottoned on (too much of a spoiler, although not really if you’ve been watching the show at all, but whatever) but yeah, it was there and I did see it with my own two eyes. ;)

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Character development is, by definition, the change in characterization of a dynamic character, over the course of a narrative. X

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You once asked me to take a leap of faith, now I’m asking you to take one with me.

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My only real issue with the one and only one (romantic) True Love argument then becomes Robin/Regina. If I have to accept them as True Love, okay. But no way, no how, under no circumstances will I accept Robin/Marian are ~not True Love. Robin/Marian have been true love and such for hundreds of years. I can accept that the show is telling me we can have a happily ever after if our True Love dies, but not lol jk you thought you knew who Robin's true love was but it's actually the Evil Queen.

I agree that Robin was a slightly odd choice for a love interest, just because OUAT has kept characters with their original LIs fairly consistently (Snow/Charming, Aurora/Philip, Ariel/Eric, Cinderella/her prince, Belle/Beast!Rumple, etc) and that yeah, it does run into this problem of him having had a canonical/mythological true love for as long as the Robin Hood legends have been around. Obviously, I can’t make you feel any differently about that than you do. But at the same time, OUAT’s purpose has been from the start to fracture and rework fairytales and subvert them and sometimes go a little too crazy with them (I’m sure there are still plenty of people who would like a word about Peter Pan being Rumplestiltskin’s father, but hey). A&E haven’t cleared up whether you can have more than one romantic TL, and what of each of the relationships can be considered TL, and etc. So I think you can go on rightly thinking that Robin/Marian is TL, and just wait and see what happens with OQ. :)

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Well, what if Regina and Robin were married in the Missing Year? That's 365 days unaccounted for. Im sure we will see it. Could b when Z dropped curse. when they finally get their memories back it'll be viola! You husband and an adorable hobbit child





I like this. :)

I’ve actually been thinking this for awhile. And it would make sense to show the wedding in the finale, too. It would be just like David & MM in S1. I mean we saw Regina + the Charmings in the EF in the year w/o Emma, no one was putting their life on hold trying to get back to Emma & Henry. The only people who did that were Killian & Neal. I could absolutely see Regina falling in love and wanting to move forward from the pain of losing Henry, especially if she thinks he is lost to her. (Which she absolutely did). IDK, I’ve been thinking this for a while now. Could be wrong but, I could see it happening.

Don’t mind me jumping in here, but Lana had an interview where she talked about how Regina and Robin are much friendlier in Storybrooke than they were in the EF, implying that their relationship doesn’t really start to develop romantically pre-curse. Plus, Regina WAS about to literally put her life on hold until Henry theoretically found HER, with the sleeping curse. I just don’t see either Regina or Emma ever marrying anyone until they pass the Henry test, and Robin and Henry don’t know each other from Adam right now, especially because Henry has no memories. Regina was focused on beating Zelena in the year in the EF, not on love/second chances/Robin (as exemplified by his hopeful face when asking what she found to fight for and her being all SOMEONE TO DESTROYYYYY) and it goes back to what I said earlier about how they’re almost definitely not going to rush through Regina’s entire romantic arc in 11 episodes, after waiting until the middle of season 3 to introduce a new love interest. Yes, things are moving faster than with CS, but I still don’t see it being OQ getting married.

But hey, who knows.

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They said they dedicated a whole episode to what happened with the JR, note, potion right? I didn't make that up?

If you imagined it, I imagined the same thing, so yeah.

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