ugh there is so much about applying to doctoral programs i wish i’d known the first time around, i feel like i might not have screwed it up so much

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aka the story of how i died

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OMG I sent you the ask telling you about Orlando Jones tweeting Colin and talking about OUAT/SH crossovers, and the fact that Orlando saw it and LIKED it?? Holy crap dude!


but you and i have done a good my friend

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AMEN. This is why I was so frustrated with the direction of Emma's and Killian's relationship in 3b. I get that they were building up to the big emotional reveal in the finale, but there is only so much support Killian can give her ...

.. before things start to seem extremely one-sided. I want to see Killian’s emotional needs met, too. 300 years devoid of any kind of love, lord knows he sorely needs the understanding and support.


i make no apologies for wanting CS to be a truly equal relationship and for continuing to hope/expect it to develop in that direction, and for it to be good for Killian as well as for Emma

so just yes

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make me choose:
∟meqhanory asked: prince killian or captain killian?

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I will not ask you where you came from
I will not ask and neither should you
Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips
We should just kiss like real people do

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Girl, you nailed it just now. I don't know how you can have unfollowers for that. You don't want the character to remain stagnant. Simple as that. And if she acts as she did in 3b (which you don't expect her to), then the finale was really for nothing.



I love Emma and want her to continue to develop (WHICH I THINK SHE WILL) and not remain stuck in her old bad habits, since she’s had three seasons worth of development and an AMAZING season 3 finale that should (and again I THINK WILL) have a considerable and permanent impact on her behavior.

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Emma is a fictional character, and you shouldn't have to apologize for pointing out her flaws, which is the point of the whole show. Every character comes from tragedy/experienced tragedy but they are still supposed to progress and develop and ultimately get better. Emma's arc in 3b showed her progress was stagnant, and it's perfectly reasonable to want her character to grow from that, especially after the finale. So here is some positivity, just in case you get some hate from people!

okay so (I feel this about to get long on me)

The main thing that I don’t want to see happen is that the writers resort to the tired old rabbit in the hat of “Emma has trust issues and doesn’t let her guard down easily with people and has had bad relationships in the past” whenever they need to create angst/conflict/a reason for CS not to be happy together/whatever. I KNOW that. I have spent three seasons watching that. For Emma as an imagined person, I have all the sympathy for her getting the space and time and whatever else to work through her issues. For Emma as a character playing a part in a structured fictional narrative that has to continue to progress, I have less patience. Okay, sure, Emma doesn’t trust people or let her guard down easily. We know this. Like, we really really know it. But Killian ISN’T “people.” He isn’t starting from scratch with her. He has earned the right for her to treat him differently from generic “people” and even her other romantic relationships, and much as I understand that she can’t and won’t do that right off the bat, she needs to at least acknowledge that’s the case. (Which again, I think she will.) So for the show to continue telling new stories and revealing new aspects of these characters and this relationship, I’m over the storyline of “Emma being the problem” (which I think was an unfortunate wording by the article writer). If you’re not going to take into account the ENTIRE LAST SEASON he spent working his ass off to earn her trust, everything he’s done for her, the realizations she’s had about him, then that’s bad storytelling, and I think A&E are smarter than that. Hence why I have faith that won’t happen.

I just don’t want to watch another season or even half-season of again, something I’ve spent three seasons watching and having established for me. I don’t want them to continue to reduce Emma’s character to “is scared; runs away; has to be chased and constantly persuaded that she’s good enough and worth the effort.” I WANT to see girlfriend happier and stronger and confident and able to return the support she has received (which AGAIN IN CAPITAL LETTERS I THINK SHE PROBABLY WILL). That’s why we’re all complaining about people who want to see season 1 Emma again; we have confidence that as a person, she has moved past the need and constant reflex to do that. That’s why people reacted strongly to her actions in 3B. And while I’m on the unpopular opinion roll, Emma (and Regina) really really need to stop using Henry as an emotional crutch. I feel bad for the kid, as he’s either the damsel in distress, losing his memories, or being used as a shield by his mothers for both of them to avoid forming new emotional relationships (which he has repeatedly stated that he wants; he WANTS new members of the family and a father figure and so forth). So if I hear anything come out of Emma or Regina’s mouth in s4 about “what’s best for Henry” as a way of dodging their respective issues with Killian/Robin, I am going to eye-roll. A lot.

I get Killian is going to struggle with his identity as a pirate this season, and a renewal of his feud with Rumple (which eventually will hopefully actually be dealt with) and there are snow monsters and other reasons for Emma to struggle. But to have it be the same old same old reasons why not is not interesting or compelling to me. No, she’s not going to leap into the relationship with no reservations, and nor should she. I guess that was why I was A-OK with her forgiving Neal, because it gave me hope that this was no longer going to be the central feature of her life and her decisions. Neal doesn’t deserve that much power over her. So I want to see Emma’s issues aside just from “she’s scared and has trust issues.” I want to see Killian’s problems. I want to see CS continue to develop as a reciprocal, mutual, mature relationship, because right now as it stands, one side gives/supports and the other side (again, for completely understandable reasons) doesn’t, and that needs to happen within the course of a dynamic television narrative with developing characters.

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I agree, I think we'll start to see more of Emma supporting Killian too. We've had less time to sympathize with him as an audience because he came in later. I think the writers would want to manipulate our heart strings even more about his tragic past & current problems because that's what makes their relationship more believable. I love him & I sometimes forget that he has been abandoned & hurt in a lot of ways that Emma has, he can't always be the support, he's bound to break big time

yes like

Killian has as many issues and walls and reasons to think this would end badly, and yet he’s been the one who’s been the emotional stalwart and support (because he’s a perfect flawed bb and I love him so much anyway ahem). I want to see that come into play with CS (the pics of poor broken Killy at the docks give me some hope this will be dealt with) and for him not to have to fear that Emma will run away if he’s anything less than 10000% trying his damndest for her. I want him to be able to feel like he has a little leeway to break, because the poor dude has had it ROUGH. That’s just a fact. He needs more development instead of just being there to support Emma (much as I love him for doing it). He’s an equal factor in this relationship, his needs and his hangups have to get explored, and he has to have support in doing so, just as he provides for her.

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